Qubiso: Launch

Are you ready for a culinary revolution? We’re delighted to introduce Qubiso, a cutting-edge restaurant management software that promises to redefine the way we dine. Our journey begins with a deep focus on menu management infrastructure, where Qubiso takes center stage with groundbreaking features like QR codes, NFC tags, and real-time menu updates. Get ready to embark on this thrilling gastronomic adventure with us!

Qubiso represents a fresh start in the world of restaurant management. At its core, it’s a comprehensive software platform created to simplify operations, elevate customer satisfaction, and empower restaurant owners with the tools they need to flourish. Our dedicated team of passionate developers and industry experts is thrilled to introduce Qubiso to the world, and we believe it’s destined to make a significant impact on the restaurant industry.

Revolutionizing Menu Management

One of the standout features of Qubiso is its innovative approach to menu management. We recognize that a well-organized and up-to-date menu is the cornerstone of a successful dining experience. With Qubiso, we’ve made menu management not just easy but exciting, offering several game-changing features:

1. QR Codes: The Future of Dining

Say goodbye to those physical paper menus that often collect dust and germs. Qubiso introduces QR codes that revolutionize the way customers access menus. With a simple scan using their smartphones, diners can instantly explore your restaurant’s offerings. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also a commitment to hygiene—ideal for the post-pandemic world. QR codes bring a touchless and tech-savvy edge to your dining experience, and we couldn’t be more excited to present this feature.

2. NFC Tags: A Tap Away from Deliciousness

But that’s not all! Qubiso goes beyond QR codes with the integration of NFC tags. These tiny yet powerful tags enable customers to access your menu with a quick tap of their devices. Not only can they browse your offerings, but they can also place orders and even provide feedback with a simple touch. It’s all thanks to the magic of near-field communication. NFC tags are a game-changer for those looking to enhance the dining experience with a touch of modernity.

3. Real-Time Menu Updates: Stay Fresh, Stay Dynamic

Keeping your menu up-to-date is crucial, and Qubiso makes it a breeze. Our software offers real-time menu management, enabling you to make instant changes, add seasonal specials, and adjust prices on the fly. Your customers will always see the latest offerings, ensuring they get the best and most accurate experience every time they visit.

Technologies Under the Hood

Behind the sleek and intuitive interface of Qubiso lies a powerful technology stack that drives its functionality and performance.

Backend Excellence with Go (Golang)

The heart of Qubiso’s backend is powered by the incredible Go (Golang) programming language. Known for its efficiency, speed, and robustness, Go ensures that Qubiso operates seamlessly, even during peak hours of restaurant activity. With Go, we’ve built a backend that’s not only reliable but also highly scalable to meet the demands of diverse dining establishments. For storing the data we use MySQL, which is a trusted and proven relational database management system. MySQL guarantees data integrity, security, and efficient data retrieval, making it the backbone of Qubiso’s data storage. Whether it’s managing menu items, customer details, or restaurant preferences, MySQL ensures that your data is in safe hands.

And for high traffic endpoints we use redis cache to serve lightning fast data. Redis caches frequently accessed data, reducing database load and ensuring a rapid and responsive user experience. With Redis, Qubiso delivers the real-time menu management and quick access that today’s restaurants demand.

We will son write a detailed blof regarding our technolgies and why we decided to choose each.

Frontend Prowess with React

The user-facing components of Qubiso’s ecosystem are built using React, a leading JavaScript library for building modern, dynamic web applications. React enables us to create beautiful, responsive interfaces for both restaurant staff and customers.

  • Admin Dashboard: The administrative and staff dashboard is a robust tool built with React that simplifies restaurant management. It offers features for staff scheduling, order tracking, and customer support, providing the control and insights required to run a successful restaurant.

  • Menu Display: The menu project, also developed with React, is the digital face of your restaurant. It allows customers to seamlessly explore your offerings, place orders, and engage with your menu in an engaging and user-friendly environment. React’s component-based architecture ensures a smooth and interactive user experience. The menu is an open source project, even when users want fork it edit the menu and submit and MR.

The Exciting Future

Qubiso is more than just a menu management software; it’s a platform for future innovation. We’re excited to share a glimpse of what’s to come as we continue to expand and enhance our services:

Subscription Plans for Holistic Restaurant Management

In the near future, we plan to roll out subscription plans that encompass a comprehensive range of services to meet the evolving needs of restaurants. These plans will include:

  • Billing and Payment Management: Simplify and streamline the billing process with our integrated billing system. Handle payments efficiently and securely, whether through credit cards, mobile wallets, or traditional methods.

  • Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) Management: Revolutionize kitchen operations with our KOT management system. Orders are relayed quickly and accurately, reducing wait times and enhancing overall dining experiences.

  • Waiter Ordering System: Empower your waitstaff with a convenient and intuitive ordering system. Take orders, customize requests, and deliver top-notch service with ease.

  • Customer Ordering and Engagement: Provide customers with the ability to place orders directly from their devices. Enhance engagement with features like personalized recommendations, loyalty programs, and feedback mechanisms.

We’re committed to continually innovating and enhancing Qubiso to meet the diverse needs of restaurants and ensure that they can provide an outstanding dining experience to their customers. The future of restaurant management has never looked brighter!

As we continue to develop and grow, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Your feedback, suggestions, and support are invaluable as we work to shape the future of restaurant technology. Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments from the Qubiso team.

Visit our website to learn more and join the Qubiso revolution or contact us through our email contact@qubiso.com

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